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I'm All Ears






The book is part of an ongoing commemoration of the suicide bombing of Al-Mutanabbi Street in Baghdad five years ago.

The street is the heart of Baghdad’s literary culture.

It is named after a famous 9th century Persian poet.

The project began with a group of over 200 broadsides designed by artists from the U.S. And several other countries.

The broadsides have been displayed at several venues during the past two years.

Both books and broadsides are scheduled to exhibited in Cairo, Egypt, in the next year, as well as many other locations.

Heather Bryant     Lithography/Letterpress   
Ivanete Blanko    Digital/Letterpress   
Rachel Gaus    Screenprint/Letterpress
Cate Morrison    Screenprint/Letterpress   
Heather Prestage    Letterpress   
Leslie Renn    Letterpress
Ken Daley    Cover                Nikki Webb   Colophon   
Rali Manouk   Arabic Translation  

Mermaid was created for the Bump-It Mafia Exchange Portfolio. The portfolio was organized by Katy Seals, Cat Snapp, and Linda Santana. It will be shown at UNT in Denton, Texas in February.

📷: @amazingben25 💫 🌎 Happy Earth Day! The @govschool Visual Artists painted a recycling bin today at Mount Trashmore Park. Congrats to the lead artist, Trinity Gallagher! @fab.artt 🎉✨ Had the best time with my drawing class today at @govschool !!! All these monkeys were models and finally received proper names! 🐒🐒🐒 🌄 Had an amazing time with @chuckatuck and @cherylsnowwhite in DC ❤💕#InfiniteKusama #InfiniteKusama with @chuckatuck @cherylsnowwhite #InfiniteKusama Pretense 🤡 😁 @victim_of_my_generation portrait of me for her @365_portraits_ 💕🐸🌸🍏🎉 ✨💫🌟⚡️⭐️☀️ Tea Party with @starr.gurll ☕️💕 💙 with @chuckatuck @jacki_paolella @gordonlizziej @govschool Visual Arts Memory Project participants 🌟✨💫