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Beyond Printmaking III: 2012 National Juried Exhibition
February 3 – March 4, 2012
Landmark Arts at the Texas Tech University School of Art is pleased to announce juror Melanie Yazzie’s selections for Beyond Printmaking III: 2012 National Juried Exhibition. One hundred seventy artists submitted over 570 entries for review; 33 works from the same number of artists were selected for the show.

My lithograph, The Rapture, was selected.


Miguel A. Aragon (El Paso, TX) Encontaron a Tres, 2011, burnt residue embossing

Kristi Arnold (Bixby, OK) Female Tree Hole Alligator Gar, 2009, mixed media and collage on fabriano

Helene Baribeau (Hyattsville, MD) Gril Posing, 1957, 2010, tea stained paper, thread, pebbles

Diana Behl (Brookings, SD) better than weather, 2009, screen print, mixed media and collage on paper

Frol Boundin (Albuquerque, NM) West Virginia Cycle ‐ at heart 2, 2011, mixed media collage

Heather Bryant (Norfolk, VA) The Rapture, 2011, lithograph

Melissa Burkart (Tulsa, OK) Memory Aids for Non‐Scientists: Skins, 2011, silkscreen on paper and Plexiglass

Deborah Cornell (Lincoln, MA) Porosity, 2011, inkjet print

Chad Erpelding (Boise, ID) Private Military, 2011, screen print, acrylic and glue on canvas

Alison Filley(Iowa City, IA) Sarah, 2010, digitally printed fabric, embossing powder

Jill Fitterer (Boise, ID) Converging Collections, 2009, hand printed laser engravings with digital stickers

Scott Frish (Canyon, TX) Regret, 2009, serigraph

Lindsay Graef (Lincoln, NE) SOWING/REAPING: three sisters I, 2011, etching, digital, screenprint in corn flour/oil

Dusty Herbig (Syracuse, NY) McKibbin Plug, 2010, relief print, mounted to painted MDF

Sandria Hu (Kemah, TX) Smoke and Ash 22, 2011, silkscreen, mixed media, collage

Ina Kaur (Tampa, FL) Broken Link, 2010, carved wood logs

Mario Laplante (San Francisco, CA) Chinese Game, 2011, relief print with gold leaf

Dana LeMoine (Appleton, WI) Smile, 2011, intaglio, wood, Plexiglass

Kristine Mallari (Denton, TX) Spring Renewel, 2010, serigraphy, collage, thread, ink

Chanel Matsunami Govreau (Madison, WI) Godpsila vs Queen Gidrea, 2010, video

Daniel Maw (Knoxville, TN) Donkeys in a Suitcase, 2009, silkscreen on lasercut chipboard, in suitcase

Jean McComas (Irving, TX) Unwavering, 2010, etching, burnished aquatint, screenprint

Taryn McMahon (Oakhurst, NJ) From Their Wondrous Transformation, 2011, silkscreen on Mylar

Monika Meler (Stockton, CA) Ojczyzna/Ogrod, side 1, 2010, relief print

Nathan Meltz (Troy, NY) Mother Board, 2010, video

Nicole Pietrantoni (Missoula, MT) This waterfall is falling for you, 2011, screenprint on acrylic, c‐clamps, spotlight

Catherine Prose (Wichita Falls, TX) Langur Monkey, 2011, screenprint

Sarah Rowland (Tempe, AZ) Corner Window, 2011, encaustic, screen print on cotton on panel

Yoshiko Shimano (Albuquerque, NM) One Thousand Stitches, 2010, linoleum cut on fabric, stitches

Tonja Torgerson (Syracuse, NY) Fed, 2010, seriagraphy

Clare Verstegen (Tempe, AZ) Traces, 2010, screen print on industrial wool felt, heat transfer on wood, burned wool, mounted on baltic birch plywood

Chinn Wang (Philadelphia, PA) Nan, 2010, screenprint on layered                                                                                                               

Lydia Young (Boulder, CO) Breathe, 2009, video

“SHY RABBIT Print International 3”
An International Juried Online Exhibition

Online Exhibition Dates:
January – December 31, 2012
Juror: Juergen Strunck; Professor of Art
University of Dallas, Irving, Texas, USA

This year’s esteemed Juror, Juergen Strunck, was provided with several hundred submissions from which to choose from. Strunck  selected 72 prints for inclusion, by 53 artists, representing 23 states and 3 countries.

My lithograph, Alice’s Table, was selected.

The 53 artists selected for online exhibition are:
Miguel A. Aragon (TX)
Janet Ballweg (OH)
Andre Barnett (MI)
Marti Bledsoe (TX)
Heather Bryant (VA)
Randy Clark (SD)
Dale Clifford (GA)
Aaron Coleman (IL)
Briar Craig (CAN)
Cathie Crawford (IL)
Susanna Crum (IA)
Julian Davies (U.K.)
Andrew DeCaen (TX)
Agata Derda (CAN)
S.L. Dickey (MS)
Alexandra Emberley (CAN)
Michael Farmer (AZ)
Jenny Freestone (MD)
Jon X. Garaizar (CA)
Mack Gingles (TX)
Jonathon Goebel (SC)
Sheila Gritte (TX)
Amir Hariri (NY)
Ben Herrera (TX)
Darren Jones (CA)
Gail Kelly (U.K.)
Joshua Kolbow (WI)
Philip Laber (MO)
Joonhee Lee (NJ)
Alan Lerner (IL)
John Lewis (FL)
Joanne Madeley (CAN)
Michelle Martin (OK)
Kathy McGhee (OH)
Wiliam McMahan (FL)
Jean McComas (TX)
Bruce Muirhead (NY)
Eric Mummery (CAN)
Pieter S. Myers (CA)
Hanne Niederhausen (FL)
Nicole Pietrantoni ((MT)
David Rainey (CO)
Rosalyn Richards (PA)
William Salzillo (NY)
Alan Skees (VA)
Amelia Spinney (IL)
Jason Stamper (MO)
Patrick Vincent (AZ)
Chris Warot (CO)
Art Werger (OH)
Katy Woodroffe (Tasmania)
Elizabeth Wright (MA)
Angela Young (AZ)

To view SHY RABBIT Print International 3

To view the MIMB 1 & 2 traveling exhibition schedule visit:

Fold, RMIT School of Art Gallery, RMIT University, Melborne, Victoria, Australia. October 2011

Above is an installation shot from the Freak of Nature exhibition at the Switchback Gallery in Victoria, Australia at the Gippsland Centre for Art and Design, Monash University, that opened on September 6th. My lithograph, Misfits, is displayed on the wall that introduces the exhibition.

Freak of Nature, an international print exchange curated by Rona Green, includes works by 47 artists from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United State of America.

Click below to view the exhibition catalogue:

Freak of Nature catalogue

I participated in the international print exchange FREAK of NATURE curated by Rona Green. FREAK of NATURE will be exhibited at the Switchback Gallery in Victoria, Australia at Monash University in September.

I was invited to participate in the 2011 Monster Drawing Rally at 1708 Gallery in Richmond, VA. I will be drawing on Saturday, August 27th, from 7:15-8:15.

Alice’s Table is on view at artspace in Richmond, VA for the juried exhibition radius250 2011.

View The Harvest at Mayer Fine Art in Norfolk, Virginia for the group show Incredible Edibles.

End of Days and Opposition on view at the Rawls Museum Arts, Courtland, VA.

The 2011 Rawls Juried Exhibition ends on July 11.