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My art installation with Elyse Lovelace was featured in the Virginian-Pilot article:

Artists spiff up empty stores downtown

Virginian-Pilot correspondent
Β© April 25, 2011

By Gary Ruegsegger

This vacant storefront at 145 Granby St. is one of the sites rejuvenated by the Art Everywhere project.  <span class='credit'>(Gary Ruegsegger  | Special to The Virginian-Pilot)</span>

Brook Buesking included the collaborative Art Everywhere installation by Elyse Lovelace and I in her feature on Phem.

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Friday Featured Artist(s): Art|Everywhere 2011

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 at 5:47 pm

Art|Everywhere is an impressive presentation of art from more than 30 artists, which transforms Granby Street in Downtown Norfolk into a large outdoor gallery. For eight marvelous weeks, windows and walls along Granby Street will be transfigured by paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, performance art, and various other types of artwork. The event kicks off with an opening night celebration that transforms Granby Street into a massive art-block party, featuring musical acts, pop-up parties, buskers of all sorts, and food and drink specials at many of the local restaurants. Art|Everywhere is a breath of fresh culture into Downtown Norfolk that you don’t want to miss!

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This past December I was a Friday Featured Artist for ALT DAILY.

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Art Everywhere opens Saturday, April 30th. Elyse Lovelace and I are in the process of completing our installation for 145A Granby Street.

Find out more about Art Everywhere

I participated in Monumental Ideas in a Miniature Book 1 and Monumental Ideas in a Miniature Book 2.

To view the catalogues click on the link below:

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