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“SHY RABBIT Print International 3”
An International Juried Online Exhibition

Online Exhibition Dates:
January – December 31, 2012
Juror: Juergen Strunck; Professor of Art
University of Dallas, Irving, Texas, USA

This year’s esteemed Juror, Juergen Strunck, was provided with several hundred submissions from which to choose from. Strunck  selected 72 prints for inclusion, by 53 artists, representing 23 states and 3 countries.

My lithograph, Alice’s Table, was selected.

The 53 artists selected for online exhibition are:
Miguel A. Aragon (TX)
Janet Ballweg (OH)
Andre Barnett (MI)
Marti Bledsoe (TX)
Heather Bryant (VA)
Randy Clark (SD)
Dale Clifford (GA)
Aaron Coleman (IL)
Briar Craig (CAN)
Cathie Crawford (IL)
Susanna Crum (IA)
Julian Davies (U.K.)
Andrew DeCaen (TX)
Agata Derda (CAN)
S.L. Dickey (MS)
Alexandra Emberley (CAN)
Michael Farmer (AZ)
Jenny Freestone (MD)
Jon X. Garaizar (CA)
Mack Gingles (TX)
Jonathon Goebel (SC)
Sheila Gritte (TX)
Amir Hariri (NY)
Ben Herrera (TX)
Darren Jones (CA)
Gail Kelly (U.K.)
Joshua Kolbow (WI)
Philip Laber (MO)
Joonhee Lee (NJ)
Alan Lerner (IL)
John Lewis (FL)
Joanne Madeley (CAN)
Michelle Martin (OK)
Kathy McGhee (OH)
Wiliam McMahan (FL)
Jean McComas (TX)
Bruce Muirhead (NY)
Eric Mummery (CAN)
Pieter S. Myers (CA)
Hanne Niederhausen (FL)
Nicole Pietrantoni ((MT)
David Rainey (CO)
Rosalyn Richards (PA)
William Salzillo (NY)
Alan Skees (VA)
Amelia Spinney (IL)
Jason Stamper (MO)
Patrick Vincent (AZ)
Chris Warot (CO)
Art Werger (OH)
Katy Woodroffe (Tasmania)
Elizabeth Wright (MA)
Angela Young (AZ)

To view SHY RABBIT Print International 3

Mermaid was created for the Bump-It Mafia Exchange Portfolio. The portfolio was organized by Katy Seals, Cat Snapp, and Linda Santana. It will be shown at UNT in Denton, Texas in February.

To view the MIMB 1 & 2 traveling exhibition schedule visit:

This sketch is for my lithograph that will be included in the 50 States Printmaking Portfolio that is organized by Melanie Yazzie, Associate Professor of Art at The University of Colorado at Boulder. Each artist will create a print about the state that they live in. My state is Virginia. My lithograph will depict pigs, tobacco, and peanuts.

The Drawing Workshop with Janet Shaughnessy took place in a 7 hour time period. Shaughnessy worked with the participants on problem-solving, confronting fear, and seeing a drawing though to completion.

Now & Zen: recent work by Lorraine Fink and Janet Shaughnessy  is on display at the Baron and Ellin Gordan Art Galleries, Monarch Way from Jul 9th – Sep 4th, 2011

Elyse Lovelace and I with Elizabeth Cooke‘s installation for the closing night of Art Everywhere, Norfolk, VA.

Brook Buesking included the collaborative Art Everywhere installation by Elyse Lovelace and I in her feature on Phem.

View the feature

Friday Featured Artist(s): Art|Everywhere 2011

Friday, April 22nd, 2011 at 5:47 pm

Art|Everywhere is an impressive presentation of art from more than 30 artists, which transforms Granby Street in Downtown Norfolk into a large outdoor gallery. For eight marvelous weeks, windows and walls along Granby Street will be transfigured by paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, performance art, and various other types of artwork. The event kicks off with an opening night celebration that transforms Granby Street into a massive art-block party, featuring musical acts, pop-up parties, buskers of all sorts, and food and drink specials at many of the local restaurants. Art|Everywhere is a breath of fresh culture into Downtown Norfolk that you don’t want to miss!

View the article

This past December I was a Friday Featured Artist for ALT DAILY.

View the feature

I participated in Monumental Ideas in a Miniature Book 1 and Monumental Ideas in a Miniature Book 2.

To view the catalogues click on the link below:

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