Like fables, I make metaphorical use of animals to demonstrate moral principles in my lithographs. I have created my own mythologies, or sacred stories, that are concerned with how the creatures of the world, real or illusory, behave. The behavior that I am studying focuses on shared experiences in society. The experiences of loss, rejection, deceit, embarrassment, and defeat are painful feelings that we all have encountered. I am interested in meetings between divergent species and the discovery and communication that takes place between them when they interact with each other.

The creatures that I portray in my lithographs are making contact and are faced with the dilemma of accepting or rejecting each other.  My premise is to promote a tolerance between opposing forces. I also attempt to defuse prejudice, which creates misunderstandings that result in rejection. To convey this to the viewer I render forms that have similar visual attributes, uniting the creatures and establishing their common experience.  Their dissimilar qualities express the differences that instill the conflict between them. I strive to create an awareness of shared and collective experiences, broadening perspectives and encouraging understanding. By using allegory I am able to encourage the viewer to ponder the significance of the animal relationships in comparison to the relationships that humans develop in society.