Heather currently lives in Norfolk, Virginia and is teaching foundations, drawing, and printmaking for the Art Department at Old Dominion University. She received her MFA from the NSU/ODU Joint Program of Visual Studies in 2006. She has been a recipient of the Virginia Museum Fellowship, the Saunder’s Memorial Graduate Scholarship from Old Dominion University, and has received Graduate Fellowships from Norfolk State University. Her work has been exhibited at the Leopoldo Carpinteyro Gallery of the Intituto Mexicano Norteamericano de Relaciones Culturales in Monterrey, Mexico, the Graphic Communications Gallery at the National Library in Tallinn, Estonia, and the Simon Fraser University Gallery in British Columbia. Her work has been included in the K.Caraccio Print Collection in New York, The Special Collections of the Art Museum of Estonia, the Print Collection of The School of Art at the University of Wales, the Print Collection at Zayed University in Dubai, and the Proyecto ace Print Collection in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Heather Bryant 2013 CV